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Dale Kietzman University offers interest-free monthly payment plans. However, the school does not participate in federal financial aid.

Scholarship Possibilities:

Students enrolled in this program may qualify for the following programs designed to reduce costs:

  • Reduced Payment Schedule: After the payment of the registration fee, and an initial payment of $400 on tuition, students may be allowed to enter into a monthly reduced payment schedule. However, all fees and tuitions must be paid in full before the degree will be granted.
  • Tuition discounts, up to 50% of tuition, are available to persons active in approved ministries, and/or service activities, Students should submit a written request for this discount with a description of the ministry and the authorized person to contact for verification of active participation.
  • A variety of other scholarships are available, each with its own restriction. Full information will be available upon request.
  • Sometimes income generating opportunities are available. Students should speak with their Facilitators about such possibilities in their area.
  • Course Challenges: While there is a small cost for challenge exams, students who qualify for this approach to completing the course work will effectively reduce the cost of their tuition for such courses by two-thirds.