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Doctor of Missiology Program

The Doctor of Missiology program at DKST Graduate School is designed to serve experienced Christian leaders who wish to enhance their professional competence, to seek personal renewal and growth, and to develop an advanced understanding of preaching, missions, or church music. The program is a minimum of three years in length and requires the completion of 43 semester hours of course work, including an eight-units dissertation project. It takes normally 3 years to complete the program.


The purpose of Dale Kietzman School of Theology Graduate School Doctor of Missiology is to advance theologically competent leadership in a global context by equipping students with advanced knowledge and skill sets that integrate the study of theology, history, social sciences, and missiology with a variety of cognate disciplines that enhance advanced ministerial practice. Furthermore, DKST’s DMiss provides the education to complete the doctoral project, thesis, or culminating dissertation research project.

Program Learning Objectives

The Program Learning Objectives (PLO) of DKST DMiss Degree demonstrates an advanced competency in the practice of ministry; give evidence of being informed by analytic, ministerial, and disciplinary research; and show the integration of these areas of advanced knowledge with opportunities for growth in one’s ministerial capacity and spiritual maturity. The following are the Program Learning Objectives of DKST DMiss Program:

PLO1. To equip leaders in the mission field to be competent in cross-cultural ministries through a balanced training of academic reflections and practical applications.

PLO2. To improve the students’ research methods and skills for the in-depth research that can practically and immediately affect the missional and pastoral ministries.

PLO3. To activate and maximize the potential of leaders in relevant organizations or institutions with academically and spiritually enhanced skills